Kepler Vision Technologies receives investment of €1.5 million

Harlem, 10 April, 2024: Kepler Vision Technologies, a software developer in the healthcare sector, has received an investment of €1.5 million from Dutch investment company ROM InWest. UvA Ventures Holding and existing shareholders also participated. With the investment, the health-technology company will scale up the production of their Kepler Night Nurse. This smart sensor technology, applicable in elderly care among others, helps reduce the workload for healthcare professionals while simultaneously improving the quality of care. 

Kepler Vision’s Night Nurse solution is a computer vision-based body language detection system. By combining AI and computer vision, Kepler Night Nurse is able to detect falls, patient discomfort and abnormal behaviour, notifying care staff so that they can respond immediately. The company has also recently added a new lying position detection feature that identifies the potential of pressure ulcers. This solution technology outperforms motion sensors, bed mats, and wearable monitoring systems by a factor of 1,000 in cutting down on false alarms, and the unnecessary strain they place on care staff.

The Kepler Night Nurse product has already been distributed internationally across 26 European countries, including Spain, Belgium and Norway and has been implemented in several care homes and hospitals. With the investment from ROM InWest, the company will look to widen its reach with plans of entering the UK and US market. 

Harro Stokman, CEO of Kepler Vision Technologies says: “The healthcare sector has been facing urgent staff shortages for years. This problem is only getting worse due to an aging population. A quarter of the current workforce will retire in the next five years, while the number of elderly people will continue to grow. Elderly care therefore needs more support than ever. Thanks to the investment from ROM InWest, we can scale up our Kepler Night Nurse production to help more healthcare professionals in their work. My goal is for our software to be accessible across the world, and with great support like this, we get closer to achieving this”.

Janet Nieboer, CEO of ROM InWest comments: “We are proud to contribute to Kepler’s healthcare solution. The Kepler Night Nurse offers a smart and more reliable alternative to existing home automation systems. It contributes to good patient care and makes the work of healthcare professionals more efficient. Smart healthcare solutions like these are essential to maintain the quality and affordability of our healthcare.”